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Monday, October 31, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Getting pamper...

      Looking to add modernity, a touch of color or perhaps a vibrant purple counter top ? 
Wonderful and unique bathrooms, striking color combinations...
Creating spaces that feels warm inviting to enjoy every minute getting pamper 
in the morning ! I love that...
Have a beautiful and happy Friday xox
images viadesigns


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Suite couture...

This bedroom is a romantic sanctuary with plush pink velvet, soft elegant silks finish...
  Movie stars kind of gal dressing up the part with her fur night gown ...
...1930 Parisian vogue era
Allow for all the pampering a girl could want
The ultimate luxury and femininity to be a lady and feel fabulous in your pink va va voom 
 suite couture!
Bisous xox

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Get cozy...

Whether your living room is the setting for party time, family time, or both
 it deserves to be a showstopping space you love to be in.
Enjoy and get cozy... 
Bisous xox
images via better home


Monday, October 24, 2011

My Favorite Designer!!!

I Love Betsey Johnson 
She is a American fashion designer best know for her feminine & whimsical designs.
Born in August 1942 (age 68)
She also is know for doing the cartwheel at the end of each shows!!!
Her creations are over the top unique & girly
I love the way she wears her blonde hair with flat straight bang & frill clothing's
The fact that her New-York City flat is decorated with Pink rooms make's me love her even more..
I hope you enjoy her style as well...
Cheer's xox
Her pooch is so cute...
She designs the most unique & glamorous accessories!!!

Photos from Elle Decor uk

Betsey Doing cartwheel...

Her signature perfume

Her signature...


My pink life!

 The color pink is my favorite since I was a little girl.
From my bedroom at my parent to my studio in the big city!
 Everything was decorated in pink more or less. 
...Pink is my fabulous feminine feel good color 
After my forty fifth birthday I decided to go after my dream...
I open my own shop call  Mademoiselle Rose.
All my walls were painted in a soft candy pink
I sold accessories, make-up and a designer's one of a kind jacket lines! 
Reactions from both women and men was provide as soon they walk trough the door
And it was unanimity that I would get comment like 'this is a very girly' shop! 
Now as a decorator and home staging career, my environment where I work from
 is still pink.
I find this color very sweet joyful and inspiring!
Engaging and sharing my visions trough my passions...
Embellishing homes and surround myself with sweetness and the best....
I tend to say live laugh love in your best decor and forget about the rest!!!
Enjoy this beautiful day...xox

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Fabulous desk...

I came across this blog and just felt in love with her office desk
Look at all the detailing carve into the legs and siding of that table, it is absolutely FABULOUS!!!
I have been shopping lately to find that exact table or sort of similar...
Like she as said in her blog it use to belong to her dad
I also like the fact that she is not afraid of colors ( it's only colors after all )
from the first look girly, bold lime green 
to chic classic remembering the dressing rooms at Victoria's secret !
Bravo to Ordy and Joon Blog
images via
View my Top 5 Atelier
Enjoy your weekend...xox


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pop that champagne...

Je T'aime
Hand in Hand
 ...Today is a special day
I celebrate 2 magnificent years of love with my beau 
 Love is in the air, my home is filled with the smell of roses...
Life is beautiful and sweet around him, I feel bless everyday!!!
Got to go and pop that champagne...
Happy Wednesday!
Cheer's  xox

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