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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Simply Red.....

Sexy red..... Romantic red....
Red can make you want, feel and love more...!!
I think that red is a beautiful accent color to add anywhere in your home
I can never get tired of red roses, red shoes, red dresses, red sofa 
or a red head board like this one above!!
I hope you enjoy!!
Cheer's xox

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pure White...

White is white, well that's what they say...
  I have this incredible love for white rooms...
 I was challenge by all the possible white, when time came to choose the right one for my new home...
I stop my choice on Opulence white from Benjamin Moore
I did put my entire home that white & I am very please with my choice....It feel's like going under clean white sheets every night!!!
Have a great day!!
Cheer's xox


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Feel the Blues & Roses....

There is nothing better then the smell of fresh flowers....I love roses they are my absolute favorites..!!! 
Lucky me i get a bouquets once a month from my fiancĂ©!! In my dreams I would have roses in 
every rooms of my home.....
Spring is around the corner & I can't wait for my flowers to bloom in the garden..!!
I wish you all a wonderful day 
Cheer's xox

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Monday, March 28, 2011

A touch of Pink...

Love note...
Beautiful Bling heart in Pink
Sweet Kiss

Lovely mixed of textures & patterns
The overall look is WOW!
Very feminine pink furniture bathroom from barami
Love the pink chairs!!
 I love that poster in the background of the late Elizabeth Taylor
 very pink & glamorous.....
Adorable picture of singer Kylie Minogue
I hope your'e weekend was magical like theses beautiful photo 
Have a wonderful Monday! 
Bisous xox


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stairways to Heaven....

This is one of my favorite!
 The detail of the railing going forever meeting with that humongous chandelier...

Art deco meet traditional..

 Craftsman work of art
I love the idea of adding lighting going up the staircase

I love that big round post
It adds richness to that humble entrance
This staircase is surrounds by zebra wallpaper
Love it!!
The depth of these stairs to go up is quit impressive....
Curb appeal...
Traditional always beautiful
Bold leopard carpet, very interesting..
My stairways to heaven...

I hope you enjoy theses wonderful staircases...
It's  fascinated to see all the choices I had for my new home
when I got to choose the design of my own staircase.
Theses images were my inspirations to have my stairways to heaven......
Cheer's xox
images Google images, last images


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