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Monday, May 30, 2011


Beautiful images make's me happy....Laughing out loud is good for my soul ... Loving is essential & fundamental for my well being... Everyday when I wake up my motto is, to enjoy every single things I do and strive to live in the moment...My Blog is a fabulous media, to express myself and share my passions for decor, fashions, personal stuff...My flavor today is a mixed of beautiful elegant lifestyle!!! My goal is to inspired my Friends, Family and fabulous readers like yourself...I hope you are enjoying your day so far and please lovely comments are always welcome!!!

The love of my life 
I love this image of Angelina Jolie
Gorgeous Jennifer Garner
Audrey Hepburn with cute pooch
Romantic living space...
I love the cabinetry blending with the walls, very clever
...Inviting decor
One of my favorite white bedroom

Sharing is Caring...
Bisous xox

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Friday, May 27, 2011

A Kiss in Paris ....

...Paris mon chérie
That famous kiss in Paris, the Eiffel Tower, Le Louvre 
Les champs Élisée, Typical coffee shop everywhere 
Beautiful French Fashions from Haute Couture 
to fabulous walk with your lover, through market place !!!

                              Go confidently in the direction of your dreams ! Live the life you've imagine !   
                                                                                              -Henry David Thoreau


Here is one of my favorite song call Summer in Paris (Comme un été a Paris)
I never get tired of that beat, i keep touching the replay button over and over again!
Enjoy your Friday to the lovely sound of That kiss in Paris...
Have a wonderful Weekend
                         Bisous xox

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pretty Table...


I love setting the table with beautiful antique find or garage sale treasures
 Gathering my family & friends...sharing exceptional time together 
with flowing background lounge music
Having a glass of wine, surround by a decorated table filed with fresh goody from the market
 Exchanging memorable souvenirs with love ones with an extra mouth full of sweets
...not feeling one tiny bit guilty about it!!!
Have a lovely evening everyones
                                     Bisous xox        

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Think Pink Rose...
Beautiful & very stylish Victoria Beckham
Dreamy Bedroom...
Love Love Lovely Rose, Pink...
Some of you probably know that I'm a fanatic pink Lady!!! Hopefully it brighten your day as much as mine. Lacking of sunshine lately, here in my part of the country can be pretty hard on anyone...
Choosing theses calming image was delightful.. 
Tell me what colors is soothing your soul? 
Please let me know your favorites colors on the comments below...
Thank you lovely readers 
Bisous xox

For readers fanatic like myself, here is the meaning of Rose...
A rose’s meaning is often based on its natural appearance or character, as well as its cultural history.  The cabbage rose traditionally translates as “love’s ambassador.” It is frequently used in perfumery and its unique and intoxicating fragrance calls to mind the addicting nature of love, which is perhaps why this particular kind of rose acts as the heart’s messenger.
The scent of a rose has titillated human noses for centuries.  Cleopatra was no exception—Egyptology believe that she had her pillows stuffed with fresh rose petals every evening.
Although roses were central to the beliefs and practices of many polytheistic cultures, it was the Christians who linked pink roses with the Virgin Mary.  As a result, the pink rose is synonymous with chastity and celestial love, as well as peace, grace, and beauty.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Design for living...

After growing up in the Bay Area of California and living in Paris for five years, the designer (and former Fashion Funder) Erin Fetherston moved to New York in 2007 and immediately launched the search for a new space that possessed the same old-world charm as her apartment in France. After searching for more than a year ("It was so much harder than I had expected," she says), she finally found the perfect spot: a recently converted loft in Tribeca with high-ceilings and massive windows that overlook the Hudson River. She took to the task of decorating immediately - a process greatly slowed by the fact that it took several months for her beloved antique and vintage furniture to make the slow boat trip across the ocean. "I spent a lot of time in this big apartment with almost no furniture," she says with a laugh. But, for Fetherston, it was well worth the wait. "I see it as a reflection of my creative universe," she says. "It's romantic and chic, but clean and modern."

 This particular closet, however, is used as more of an archive, as opposed to the one
 she uses every day. “I come in here when I am working and I need inspiration.”

 Fetherston displays some of the most important pieces from her past collections 
on the wall in her closet. 
“My staff made me those pillows a few Christmases ago,” she says.
 “They have the names of my dogs—Koala and Tulipan—embroidered on them.”

 Instead of paint or wallpaper, the designer placed
 a long chinoiserie silk screen against the wall 
in her bedroom for decoration.
 “I wanted this space to be clean, open, & mostly white,” she says of her bedroom. 
“It helps clear my mind.” Also useful? Fetherston had her extra-large bed—flanked here 
by two chinoiserie lamps & an eighteenth-century cushioned bench-custom made.
Fetherston uses the mezzanine loft in her apartment as office space. 
“I believe in creative chaos when I am working,” she says of the now-pristine space. 
“So I like to keep it as clean as possible in those times in-between.”
I was enchanted by this beautiful and charming girl who inspired me!!!
Bisous xox

Photographe by Claiborne
Swanson Frank


Friday, May 20, 2011

Just the 2 of us...

Wow... theses resorts are fabulous & very sexy vacations retreat... 
Perfect paradisaical place to unwind...taking time for one another... 
from the fast lane of our everyday lives...  
Sharing my last Vacations pic's april 2011

...falling in Love over again, admiring the sunrise & sunset, having romantic walk on the beach, candles light at lunch & dinner...just the perfect heavenly vacation to do with your lover !!! 
Just the 2 of us...
Have a fabulous day!!!
Enjoy your week-end with love ones ...
                                                              Bisous xox


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