Mademoiselle Rose

Monday, October 24, 2011

My Favorite Designer!!!

I Love Betsey Johnson 
She is a American fashion designer best know for her feminine & whimsical designs.
Born in August 1942 (age 68)
She also is know for doing the cartwheel at the end of each shows!!!
Her creations are over the top unique & girly
I love the way she wears her blonde hair with flat straight bang & frill clothing's
The fact that her New-York City flat is decorated with Pink rooms make's me love her even more..
I hope you enjoy her style as well...
Cheer's xox
Her pooch is so cute...
She designs the most unique & glamorous accessories!!!

Photos from Elle Decor uk

Betsey Doing cartwheel...

Her signature perfume

Her signature...


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