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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Holiday part 2...

Holiday Part 2 Rockport, Massachusetts 
Rockport has a longstanding reputation as an artists' community
 with notable artists and art institutions playing a significant role in the town's economic and social life. 

 Riding an old but efficient cruiser bike around

 The street is buzzing and the colorful decorations are inviting to make you step in their shops!

  As you go around you can smell fresh fish being prepare...Yummy 
I know what I'm having to eat later tonight!
Precious time together, priceless...
 Where we lodge
Reminiscent of days gone by, the Seaward Inn, with breathtaking ocean views, sits on one of the most prestigious locations in Rockport!

Another beautiful day gone by...Infinite view and comfortable place to sip my cocktail!
 So inviting and charming...I love new England style!!!
 Hopefully you still enjoy the long weekend...
Cheer's and have a lovely Monday! Part 3 of my vacations tomorrow 
Bisous xox

Link to part 1 of vacations
The 1993 film The Man Without a Face, starring Mel Gibson, the 2001 film In the Bedroom and the 1995 film Casper were filmed in Rockport.
In 2008, placed Rockport at the top of its list of the prettiest towns in America. See America's Prettiest Towns.


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