Mademoiselle Rose

Friday, September 2, 2011

Holiday with Irene...

Storm Irene was on it's way to Boston!!!
When we arrived...
We celebrate my birthday at the bond_restaurant supper club!
My favorite in Boston
Next morning I woke-up to this sunshine and view...
The room at the Liberty Hotel
Because of the storm Irene we decided to drive to Gloucester ~ where the stories begin.
 A short, pleasant drive or train ride northeast of Boston!
A place to see, feel and taste history, Gloucester's working waterfront and ineffable
 beauty have drawn fishermen, families, artists and visitors for over four hundred years.
Look up at the heart shape tree behind the car...

Bright colors and artsy everywhere,  inspiring Gloucester!
Finally we manage to get away from Irene and enjoy the rest of our holiday's
Part 2 of my vacations on Monday!
Have a lovely and relaxing weekend...
Bisous xox


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