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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DIY project at home!

Being our first summer at the house
I needed to do something with the all in white entrance area
Starting with some fake flowers purchase at one of the local store
Almost done with this one
 Better with some branch to look similar to the one a side...
Closer look of this compositions made with natural branch
 I spray painted some white for a recall of the white flowers
I  add some green foliage and I love the fact of decorating my branch
 whenever the change of seasons 
The final look with my pooch Pancho!
I started the project not knowing exactly what would be the final look of the front door
I love this type of project, you can supplement to it or change over times...
Aside from the expense of the fake flowers
You can stick with the natural branch for a fractions of the prize 
Have fun and be creative...
What do you think ? Your comments are so much appreciated...
Have a fabulous day!
Bisous xox 
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