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Monday, April 11, 2011

Welcome to my Love Nest......

 Link here to see my front door project!
 Back yard oasis
 My pooch waiting to see a friend                      
The sun does wonders on the lacquer kitchen cabinet 
In transit, from this dinning set to this one below (not completed yet)
Kitchen dinning area in between redecorating~

Almost complete dinning area~
{Missing rug and huge art}
View here the story behind this Chandelier!
From another angle (entrance)
 Perfect reading nook
Before living room
See how I make these white froufrou lampshades here
Shiny comforter from West Elm
The 2 vintage desk was replaced by a table mirror
Closer look of the mosaic
One of my favorite room in the house, my closet!!!
This was my first big project to accomplished as a stylist decorator, from the architect plan to the rough material choices, all the tiny details that comes with it when you have your home being built. 
The most fun part when you decorate and you make a closure on your 6 month project, is to see your dream coming true!!! My fiance was a champ to work with and he let me pick out everything that I wanted  almost!
 If you enjoyed the tour of my LOVE nest...
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Sonia xo
Live in your dream decor !
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