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Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday Lincoln road South Beach!!

Today I met some wonderful peoples who every 2  Sundays of the month install their spaces & spend the day under the hot sunshine of Florida!!
I decided to Blog about them because I did at some point in my life recycle Jeans & furnitures
I turn old jeans jackets into peaces of art....
I would also shops for special pieces of furnitures from the 60 era
I became addicted to lamps, all kinds of lamps.... at one point in my life  I had 40 lamps spread out into my 2000 square feet loft !!
The ambiance that a lamp can create is amazing & the effect with the right lighting is actually magical...!!
For me artist peoples have a very special place in my heart because I know how devoted we get to get creative... 
My new dress by Lorena
I introduce you to Lorena Varales. She confectioned the most beautiful dresses out of slips from the 1950's. She Tied dye the slips & she also adds others pieces of materials & voila it is absolutely gorgeous!!
Other dresses from Lorena

Steven  Drieu is a furnitures collectors from the 1960's & 70's era, I went crazy in love with that coiffeuse, all made of clear acrylic in intact condition's
 It would of been the perfect pieces of furniture for my bedroom....
Unfortunately they don't deliver to Canada...!

The  famous piece of furniture that I absolutely adore

The energetic Mindy Sepinuck in the other hand got me absolutely excited...
Her saying is, if you need some Bling, just give me a ring!!
She has some of the most original & fabulous one of a kind choices of jewelry
Her energy is quite contagious as well + you don't have to brake your piggy bank to own one of her wonderful Bling...!!
Thank's to my new Virgo girlfriend..xox
Mindy showed me many of a beautiful jewelry
My new fab bracelet from Mindy
Posing with my fabulous find!!
You can find Mindy in Facebook under Fab Finds By Mindy!
I hope you enjoy!! 
 Blogging on vacation is not as easy as I thought..
Cheer's xox

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