Mademoiselle Rose

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas holidays, part 2!

Part 2 of my fabulous but exhausting trip to New York City during the festivities of Christmas...
I'm not used to walked for 5 hours a day but still with a smile...
Love the Pink and enormous Christmas tree at the Plaza Hotel
 More window shopping 
Sparkle and mirror reflecting
My Christmas magic was this carousel at Tiffany & Co
My heart went faster in front of it...
Tiffany's & co carousel, I'm standing exactly where Audrey Hepburn was once
...What a feeling 
 Beautiful ducks in Central park waiting to be fed
These boots are made for walking...
Crystals , lighting and Magic Disney New York
I will, Never Grow Up... Disney's mission!!!
I wish I could've buy these fabulous pink box from Juicy Couture
They would do wonders in my closet
fitting rooms pink and girlie
 I love pretty much everything about Juicy Couture!
Jewelry extravaganza, pink white and zebra
Ornamental Cabbages and Kales are used in the landscape for their remarkable foliage.
 I love these decorative cauliflower, I'm thinking of putting some around my home 
 Click here to learn more about the cauliflower
Yes, I will be the woman I want to be!  Diane Von Furstenberg store in the Meatpacking District
 This adorable doll was sitting in the stairs of the Grand Soho Hotel when I walked inside
Look at her pretty smile while I take the photo!
After a memorable, wonderful visit in Manhattan, New York!!!
 I can't wait to go back. Until next time


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