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Monday, June 13, 2011

Gorgeous Hollywood Girl...

I stumble upon this young glamorous & promising actress 
She is only 23years old, this young starlet simply oozes sex appeal
 She was nominated for a teen Choice Award
 named by the ' Look to the Stars'organisation as 'one of the strongest young
female philanthropists standing up for the charities she believes in 
honored as 'Hollywood Life Superstar of Tomorrow.'
Enjoy the photo shoot & her Fabulous Hair...

           To view the video & Interview of AnnaLynne Link to
                                                   AnnaLynne McCord Cover Shoot ! Interview !
                                 Photos via Beverly Hills Lifestyle            
...Image of the day
...Hope you had a  delightful weekend  
 Monday is here already, projects have been linger for long enough times...
Soon to be ready & looking beautiful I will post my artsy!!!
                                                                  Have a good day everyones, Bisous xox                                                                                        


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