Mademoiselle Rose

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Friendly Duck's of Brome Lake...

My dog Pancho of 10 years
 After cleaning my photo gallery in my computer
I came across beautiful images from last summer... 
First summer enjoying the lac across the street from our new home call Brome Lake !
Where the Duck's is well renowned around the world
 My trip on the water made me thinking a little different
Living the experience to encounter the duck's in many occasions
Since then let just say, I don't eat no more duck's!!!
Enjoy the View & your Tuesday
Bisous xox

 Pancho is not at ease just yet...
 second time in a canoe !

Early morning on the water

They swim near by...
The furry white thing is my pooch getting very comfortable
 around mid summer in the canoe !
Look how familiar the duck's get to me... 



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