Mademoiselle Rose

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


During fashions week in Paris
Return of macrame

Bubble Gum Pink

Pink Entrance
so girly!!!

Pinkish sweet..

 Sound of birds singing
the awakening of wild life in May
Stunning Back-splash!! 
My favorite shoes...
Cinderella Dream bed...
Love the pink Kitchen
  Her up do hair is totally stylish!!!

I wish my dog would let me dress him like that!!

I just got back yesterday from vacation, where the sun is always present...
Since I put my feet on the ground here in my hometown, it's been raining non stop...

Pink is my favorite color, Pink is my happy color as well... 
By looking at theses beautiful images 
I wish to share the Pink effect I get from it!!! 
Have a lovely Wednesday!
Below is a lovely poem for Pink lovers...
Cheer's everyones xox

This summer she wears her pink kimono
and she will walk under the pink blossoms of the pink sakura
she will carry a pink umbrella

and she will cross the pink bridge of kokoma
pink leaves on her feet

pink fingernails on her pink wooden shoes

in honor of her love

that never bloomed to complete red
she will sit on a pink bench
praying for pink clouds to drift
on the pink skies. 

Ric s. Basta



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