Mademoiselle Rose

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tres Leopard

For some girls out there like myself,
leopard is truly the apocalypse in the world of fashion
I have leopard print in my closet...
In my home everywhere little bit here & there...
I never seem to get tired of that wonderful print...
Actually I can't not live without it, it look's like I am not the only one!!!
Enjoy my favorite print...
Cheer's xox
Tres Leopard

Very Glamorous Jennifer Lopez
Photo shoot from Tatler Russia Mag
So Adorable...

Fabulous Jennifer 

Love the shoes & sofa
OH La La!!

Blumarine Fashion Show

Some of you will remember
'The Green Acres'

Blumarine Fashion Show

Tres Retro
Christina Aguilera
The finishing touch...her shoes!!
Lindsay Lohan,Paris Hilton,Gwen Stefani

Kylie Minogue

I would Love to own This sofa
Kim Kardashian

Katy Perry
Long or short it is always elegant

Love it


Victoria Beckham looking fabulous as always

Bold & Beautiful!!!


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