Mademoiselle Rose

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My faithful Friend

Being homesick right now, because I'm away from my furry friend...
Everywhere I go or turn my head, I see a dog to remind me of him
The funny thing is, that every single day around 5 o'clock he makes is own squeaky sounds
to remind me of his dinner time.... & my cocktail!!! 
All the lovely ritual starting in the morning till bed time..... I miss it right now!!!
Enjoy theses lovely pictures...
Cheer's xox
Singer Aubrey O'Day & her dog Ginger

Paris Hilton with her West Highland terrier
Jennifer Aniston with Norman
Ashley Tisdale
with her super cute Yorkshire!!

 Elizabeth Taylor with her matching Shih tzu 


Zsa Zsa Gabor
A young Elizabeth Taylor
The twin sisters Olsen
I had never seen these before, but here in Miami
it is common to carry your little cute!!

Erin Lauder

 My 10 yrs old pooch Pancho


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