Mademoiselle Rose

Monday, February 13, 2012

DIY Feather Lamp Shade

After going to a party one night a few years back
I've notice a huge fluff lampshade made with white feathers.
I said to myself that one day I will own one of these beauty
With lots of patience, a glue gun, a lamp shade and about 30 boa of feathers.
You can do the same...
For a soft ambiance in your decor...
  During Christmas time the house gets all feathered...
Creates a warm and inviting ambiance 
30 x 2 $ of feathers dollars store 
$60 + tx
+3 hours 
of patience to glue around the lamp shade (depending on size )!!!
Any lamp shade and lamp base
the cost approx. $50
 Your time value, 
And Voila!
Enjoy your creation  :))


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