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Friday, August 12, 2011

Beach cruiser

I'm obsess to own a Beach Cruiser lately
in fact I have forever want one of theses beautiful bike
I have been searching on numerous sites to find the perfect one for my birthday coming soon...
 I want the most girly bike ever and my reasons are
1. I can go to the beach with it  
2.  I can also go shopping ( a must )
3. I can carry my dog
4. or I can just look good on it !
And maybe get a little heart pump-in going on at the same time...
Until I find the perfect one
Here are some of my favorite beach cruiser!
Audrey Hepburn with her lovely Yorkshire
 So girly, I love theses bike baskets are a must-have for the modern day urban cyclist, and even better when they are designed to detach and double up as a shopping basket.$179.00 each

Sarah Michelle Gellar 
Lovely Bride riding in style..
Lauren Conrad look'in pretty with her pooch...

Have a relaxing weekend!!!
Bisous xox
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BLOGGER. said...

So magnifique et girly
I can see you on one!

Monia xox

pink.deco said...

I've got one on my birthday and can't wait to accessorize it!!!

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