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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Breaker Hotel Palm Beach!!

The Breaker has spent $ 250 million over the past decade to continually provide the most extraordinary beach front experience.
Set amidst 140 acres of picturesque oceanfront property in the heart of Palm Beach!
The Breaker is a paradise for couples, families & special gatherings.
The Breaker Hotel brings joyous & memorable moments...!!
Street sign Breakers row 

From the car it is impressive...!!

Valet parking

The architecture is grandiose

In every rooms of the Breaker hotel
 ceilings are majestic!!

Many huge hall for receptions or wedding

Gorgeous Gardens 

The red room

Most of the walls have padded materials

When you walk in, there is gigantic arrangement of bouquets!!

Lush, tropical beach front oasis... the perfect place to sip on my favorite cocktail!!
Have a great Wednesday!  
Cheer's xox 

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