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Monday, March 21, 2011

Sleeping beauty....

Today Monday...I hope you had a wonderful weekend..?!!
I had some guest at my houses from the city 
The weekend flew by unnoticed.......
Today I feel a little bit off track & my poor little dog Pancho is sick....
Here some of my favorites images of beautiful bedrooms 
that require a soul mate to slip under those covers...enjoy!
A bedroom is very personal & most of it
 a place where you have to make it your own oasis
 You can make it very flamboyant
like the talented Kristina Aguilera
 white with some accessories accent
One of my favorite dream bedroom in white

Victorian chic
Beautiful fur on bed & floor
I love the fluff boa light ceiling...
I hope you enjoy the first tour of my Blog!
Sweet dreams...
Cheer's xox

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